Sri Babaji Kriya Yoga Studio

Kriya Yoga

"Kriya Yoga hastens the spiritual awakening of the soul in man."
-Paramahansa Yogananda,
Author of Autobiography of a yogi

Kriya Yoga is an ancient spiritual teaching brought down to humanity through Mahavatar Babaji and Matajis Annais conciousnesses. It has been transferred between Guru-disciple-relationships with the purpose of keeping its purity. Kriya Yoga is a spiritual path to Self-realization and God-realization. A way of life in all aspects. After initiation into Kriya Yoga one can walk the path to become a Kriya Yoga master under the guidence of ones Kriya Yoga Guru. Ultimately live in unity with God. Yoga meaning 'union with God'.

Within the teaching there is a practice of specific Kriya asanas, mantras, pranayama and meditation to assist the yogi to evolve spiritually and attain higher states of conciousnesses.

This studio teaches the initial 18 Kriya Asanas taught by Babaji  to his disciple Yogiar in the 20th century. They prepare the body and mind through balancing and opening up its energycircuits. This is a preparation for the final, more advanced, stages of Kriya Yoga which is taught under strict guidence from a Kriya Yoga Guru. The 18 asanas are most beneficial as a daily Sadhana, regularly practised that is.

The 22 positions of Kriya Yoga coming through Mataji Annais conciousness I was informed are for the female body. This Kriya Yoga is still for me to explore as this is new to the world in this time.