Sri Babaji Kriya Yoga Studio

Sadhana - 4 veckors kurs

Få stöd att integrera en långsiktig rutin med 3 meditationer i veckan.

5-30 dec Online
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Babaji & Matajis Kriya Yoga

A spiritual path home to Source

Knowledge of the teachings of Kriya Yoga is spread and taught through this yogastudio in Sweden. Kriya Yoga is an ancient teaching for spiritual advancement and enlightenment. It is one of the many paths  home to Source and the One. This work is guided by the beautiful masters Mahavatar Babaji and Mataji Annai  and my Guru Swami Shankarananda Maharajji to share the wisdom of Kriya Yoga. 


The meaning of yoga is Union with God. Through Self-realization one reaches God-realization - unity and onness with all that is. 

Journey of self-realization

Anna, Kriya Yoga teacher

I am walking the spiritual path of my soul and Kriya Yoga as a yogini. This is an exploration journey experiencing every step. Stepping out into the world as My Self. Grateful and loving to be in service of the One.  

Divine Yogi Master

Mahavatar Babaji 

Mahavatar Babaji, dear spiritual master. My closest guide together with Mataji. His golden presence always within my field, protecting. Thankyou for your guidence.  

Divine Yogini Master

Mataji Annai

Beautiful Mataji Annai - I am so grateful opening up to your femininity and sacred knowlede of the female body. I feel You as lavender, soft and loving. My closest guide together with Babaji. 

Sacred knowledge

Teaching of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is an ancient teaching brought down to humanity through Babaji and Matajis conciousnesses. Kriya Yoga is a path to God and a way of life.

Courses & Classes

Sharing the practice of Kriya Yoga with specific asanas, mantras, pranayama and meditation. The practice hastens the spiritual evolution and is best practised as a daily Sadhana - meaning spiritual practice. 

A course in assisting with a "Sadhana" - Daily Spiritual Practice for the benefit of increased focus and presence aswell as opening up to ones spirituality and connection. 

Hötomta & Yogastudio

So grateful for this beautiful sacred place, thankyou for calling me in as your keeper. A place for spiritual advancement and training, connected with Divine masters.